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NALEJTO Design Záhorková Bylina


Design for the HERB concept. A concept that is based on sustainability. It combines luxury and thoughtfulness, which is why an unconventional combination of a commercial design product with the DIY ("do it yourself") technique is chosen. Properly built DIY in combination with the use of local resources is one of the solutions that can help not only society, but also nature to accelerate regeneration.

Locality is also essential for Bylina in the selection of packaging. The entire set is in a packaging made of recycled cardboard, which was created in cooperation with the Kartoons brand. All other components made of glass and porcelain are designed directly to measure, and manufactured and processed in the Czech Republic.

Herb: Sára Vaníček Milesson and Lukáš Vaníček
Product design: Lenka Záhorková
Graphic design: Anastasia Vrublevská
Product photo: Michal Ureš
Other photo: Sára Vaníček Milesson
Illustration: Vendula Cermáková
Products: cardboard packaging by Cartoons
porcelain jar by manufacture Schlaggenwald
glass by Šárka Bartko
paper bags by social organization Like at home


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