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How to care for our products and how to choose correctly
Although most of our products are intended for everyday use, it is good to know certain material properties and laws so that they will always last as good as new. But definitely don't be afraid to use them, that's what they're meant for.

Porcelain and biscuit

Our main production material is porcelain, which best meets the requirements for both strength and hygiene. Glazed porcelain is sterile and seamless. In some of our products, you can find porcelain but also without a glazed layer in a matte, so-called biscuit. Biscuits can turn gray over time and get dirty easily. The best solution is to wash this unglazed porcelain in the dishwasher and it will always be like new again. If you don't have a dishwasher, we recommend occasionally scrubbing with a brush, and if it has irreversibly lost its whiteness, you can bring your favorite product to our workshop after an agreement with us, and we will burn it for you in a ceramic oven, which will rid it of any impurities.

Which products are we talking about: Swallow, Swallow², Structure collection, Luminaire 1.0, Nicetwice


Porcelain with illustrations

We mostly use glaze fusing technology for our prints and decorations, so your decor won't be washed away by the dishwasher.

Ilustration: Knedlo Zelo wear, Zdroj, Tak to bylo


Another material we use is stoneware, which of course is also harmless to health. Unfortunately, it doesn't have such brilliant properties  as porcelain, and its shard is a bit absorbent (it just can't do it otherwise). In other words, in places where the product is not provided with glaze, it is able to absorb a little liquid, and it is possible that coffee and tea stains will appear on the product over time. The same procedure applies here as for the biscuit, namely the recommendation to wash in the dishwasher. In the case of stoneware, it is a tribute to its warm color and pleasant material to the touch.

Stoneware products: Swallow², Basic

Gold plated products

You can also find plated products in our portfolio. These are manufactured using titanium coating technology. They are therefore equipped with a thin titanium layer in various colors, which boasts of its hardness, chemical resistance and health safety. Unfortunately, the metal layer is prone to abrasion, so it is not advisable to cut with a knife, use harsh materials for washing, etc. These plates are primarily serving or decorative. 

The metal layers also cannot be put in the dishwasher or in the microwave.

These are the products: Fryst, a limited collection of Christmas ornaments, Historik mugs with a gold-plated ear

Products with glued components - brooches

Our brooches contain brooch bridges glued with glue. Since the glued surface is very small, it may happen that the glued joint does not withstand the pressure of use over time. Simply stick it back on or give us a call and we'll be happy to repair your brooch.

These products are: Mycelium brooch, Mycelium earrings, Vogel



Stoneware Flowerpots

With or without glaze?


No glaze

Flower pots made of unglazed earthenware are breathable and flowers will thrive in them. Thanks to the porosity, the mass of the flowerpot allows air to pass through to the substrate and to the roots, and the water can slowly evaporate. Which also works as a beneficial cooling of the walls and roots. A ceramic flower pot is really the best thing you can get for your maids. They will also be appreciated by those growers who tend to overwater their flowers lightly, and by flowers that don't like being overwatered.


Due to the permeability, it catches the natural patina on the mantle over time  (stains) similar to terracotta pots (but not as noticeable on light tones as on terracotta or dark colors). These are precipitated minerals from the dressing and substrate. We can either perceive the resulting maps as a natural, welcome part, or, according to grandma's advice, soak them in water with starch once in a while and brush them out.



With glaze

For more demanding viewers, we also have a version with a glazed interior, which eliminates the patina. However, not completely, because the material can also soak up minerals from the dressing from the sub-dish. Since the earthenware is glazed, we lose the advantages of breathability and gain the properties of a plastic flowerpot - the walls do not allow water to evaporate and the roots do not cool down. The advantage is that the substrate stays moist longer and we don't have to water as often. On the other hand, we have to be careful about spillover.



So both versions have pros and cons and it depends on you and the plant you are buying it for.

They are not suitable for outdoor frosts, when water absorbed into the pores of the materials during freezing can cause them to crack.

How to choose correctly

Our great hobby is the use of unusual ceramic technologies and experimentation. In many collections, each piece is an original. The decor is always different, so maybe you are not sure about your choice? Don't be afraid to be an original original product and write to us. We'll be happy to send you photos of currently available items so you don't end up buying a rabbit in a bag.

Original pieces: Fryst, Streak, Structure collection, Colors bowls, Lighting 1.0

Feel free to contact us with any further questions
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