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The work is focused on experiment; an experiment with the material, its aesthetic possibilities and technological limits. The series of objects is created using an atypical technique for porcelain, and only that
from porcelain dust at high heat without any supporting structure. I was inspired by a simple technological fact – most materials burn up in high heat and become dust,
in this case it is the other way around and the porcelain dust turns into a solid structure in the heat.
In the work, it is thus possible to find symbols and ideological parallels to the theme of the creation and disappearance of objects,
in which one can find an existential or, if we want, a religious overlap.

by Lenka Záhorková

NALEJTO Design porcelán objekt Initium Záhorková

2016 / Photo: Michal Ureš, Lukáš Oujeský

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