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Biorythme & Záhorková

Custom-made bottles for the manufacturer of natural cosmetics Biorythme.

Biorythme is 100% natural cosmetics, vegetarian and without preservatives. Our collaboration resulted in an exclusive limited edition cream with five essential oils in an elegant porcelain jar with a natural element of oak wood on the lid.

We created this special edition exactly for those who share the philosophy of an environmentally friendly lifestyle, are interested in where and how the entire product was created. The jars were made by hand, in a small limited series of only 30 pieces, from natural materials, without unnecessary plastics and in such a way that the jar could continue to serve for a lifetime. They are made of Karlovy Vary porcelain and contain a functional all-porcelain closing bayonet. A piece of the heritage of Czech nature is embedded in the lid - oak wood, which is obtained from a certified seller, which guarantees that its origin is also in accordance
with ecological and social criteria.

by Lenka Záhorková

2018 / Photo: Michal Ureš

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