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Design as a game

Life is a game, design is a game, design is life, life is design

"For many people, design is their life's game. On their journey through life, everyone encounters a lot of obstacles, battles with time, with competition, but also with themselves. There are losses as well as wins, and the competition is fierce…”

Design as a game is a foosball and porcelain player collection of designers – a tailor-made project directly for Designblok 2016 and its theme "sport". Football players can build their own team from designer figures and try to "crush" the competition with exaggeration. We compare the Czech design scene to a game of foosball. Just as footballers fight for their place in the starting line-up, individual designers also have to fight for a place in the limelight. Spectator - the player gets into the position of a coach and selects the best players for his team, with whom he tries to crush the competition in a fun game.

The design of the soccer ball was also designed as a pleasant addition to the interior, and the materials were also chosen. The combination of wood and white color should meet the current aesthetic requirements of the customer and thus be an ideal alternative to current table footballs, especially for homes or cafes.

NALEJTO design porcelán

Design block 2016

Photo: Sergey Lelyukh

Design: NALEJTO ceramic design - Markéta Kalivodová, Mária Kobelová, Lucie Vostalová, Lenka Širůčková, Lenka Záhorková

Illustration: Mária Fúcelová

Collaboration: MakerSpace, DEPO2015, Lugi 

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